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Deluxe Gift Set for New Moms.

Deluxe Gift Set for New Moms.

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The large gift set comes with all eight items as shown in the listing photos, including our lanolin-based Oh Tits! Nipple Balm and our Lightning Bolt Blocker Stretch Mark Stick, plus a Lotion bar in the scent of your choice.

The hot pink gable box with ribbon and loofah pad, and FREE SHIPPING, are always part of the Badgerface gift set experience.

A Bold Call to Calmness.

Listen up, because someone had to say it. It's time to spread the word and let the world know: it's time for you to calm your fucking tits. You've been killing it, no doubt, but it's time to dial it down a notch. Trust us, the world needs your tits to be calm and collected.

The Perils of Being a Frazzled Bitch.

Picture this: all work and no play. It's a recipe for disaster. We can't have you turning into a frazzled bitch. We simply fucking cannot. So let's take a moment to recognize the importance of chilling out and finding balance. Your tits deserve it.

Serenity Now: Embrace the Calm.

Lucky for you, I've got your back. I've curated everything you need to embrace serenity. No more excuses, no more working yourself into a frenzy. It's time to listen and take action. When we say calm your goddamn tits, we mean it. The path to tranquility starts here.

Lotion Bar Scent Options:

Rosé Sashay Lotion Bar - Sandalwood, Orchid & Rose
Lavender Haze Lotion Bar - Lavender Eucalyptus Hemp
Java as Fuck Lotion Bar - Coffee, Orange, and Coriander
Kinky as Fuck Massage Bar - Vanilla, Rose, & Ginger
Tingly as Fuck Massage Bar - Peppermint Eucalyptus with a touch of Vanilla
Spicy Fucking Massage Bar - Cinnamon, Ginger, and Anise
Purple Persuasion Lotion Bar - Lilac, Patchouli, and Sage
Herbal Fervor Lotion Bar - Lemon, Basil & Rosemary
Mellow Melon Lotion Bar - Cantaloupe, Lime & Black Pepper
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