What We're About

It might start in the beauty aisle of the drug store. It might start in someplace a little more fancy-ass. But the day is coming: the day you open some nasty cancer-in-a-jar store-bought lotion and think, WHAT the FUCK is in this shit? Why are there parabens and petroleum byproducts in here, and more importantly, why’s it gotta go and be all phony like that? Why?

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  • Features

    • Made with natural beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil.
    • Scented with a sultry blend of vanilla, rose, and spicy ginger.
    • Available in a convenient aluminum travel tin or compostable vellum wrapper.
    • For best results, apply to fresh-from-the-shower skin that's been dried off. Elbows, knees, heels - you'll drink the nourishment right in.
  • What folks are saying...

    "Purchased as an anniversary gift as something a little different and new and I think it’s safe to say we love it! It shipped quickly and got to us within a week. Smells amazing and feels great!" - Cristen
    "Arrived on time and in the aluminum tin! Tin is great, sturdy and it'll travel no problem. It smells - amazing! Not only that but the product description had me in stitches. I may frame it." - Ashley