Natural sugar scrubs in an assortment of flavors in an informal grouping on a dark background.


Badgerface is all about bringing some much-needed levity to the world of bath and beauty supplies. There’s a whole lot of prissy prima donnas taking themselves way too seriously, charging stupid money for their swirly-fonted labels and supposedly premium products, and making you believe it’s going to make you a better person. It isn’t.

You’re still the same terrible person you’ve always been, you just want to smell nice. Clear up your wacky skin. Make your best friend die laughing when she opens her birthday present. We feel you. We got you covered.

Don’t hide who you are—and don’t let anyone else tell you what you should or should not care about. Live your life in bright neon fucking colors, swear liberally, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Inspired by the Brock Turner verdict, we decided to start giving back via monthly WOKE WEEK fundraisers, where we give 15 percent of a week’s profits to a rotating pro-woman charity. Charities we’ve worked with include RAINNPro-Choice America, and the National Women’s Law Center.

Woke Week. Thinking bigger than four letters one week a month. 

“When we set out to flip the script guiding the beauty industry, we did it to make                                                                                               women’s lives better through transparency, education, and empowerment.”

                                  - Kristina Strain, Founder


Body positive

We’re into you. Your style, your anti-style. Your un-fucked-with hair, your pink bouffant. Whatever you’re rocking, we like it. Lots of beauty companies are in the insecurities-mining business, but we’re SO not about all that. You do you. It’s working.


Listen, skin care doesn’t need to cost a car payment, ok? It just doesn’t. There are no ingredients so magical and precious that they warrant two zeroes. Self care isn’t a privilege. It’s meant to be shared with your bestie, spontaneous-like, just because you thought of her. We help make that happen.

All good shit

None of that bad fake shit. Who needs it? Preservatives, fake colors, stabilizers, artificial fragrances. Everything we use is a raw material: coconut oil, beeswax, milk powder, citric acid, argan oil. The fucking building blocks of healthy skin. Why would anyone want anything other?