Behind the Scenes of a Product Launch.

Head Badger Kristina here with a dispatch from Badgerface HQ.

We're just around the corner from launching something new into the world, something we're super excited about. It's an exciting time. It's a scary time. Every time I break out my tester version to use, I think, damn, this stuff is good.

Are you curious about our process? We've never talked about it before, and we thought you might to hear about it. So tuck your ass in and get cozy. We have a lot to say.

I'm going to be the most stereotypical version of my Oregon Trail Generation self (b. 1982) and tell you: development is a lot like the Oregon Trail. Which is to say, it's a process. And hopefully you don't get dysentery along the way - but, well, anything can happen. 

Day one, you might spend three hours researching a particular active ingredient, and two hours sourcing it. You might realize you can only get said active ingredient from Sweden. You order it and sit on your hands for three weeks, waiting.

Day twenty, new ingredient in-hand, you endeavor to prototype the new product. You make a discovery. The fabulous new ingredient - a clumpy white powder - needs to be sifted before mixing in.

Day twenty-five, the three new sifters you ordered arrive from Amazon and you can choose the one that works and send the rest back. 

Day twenty-six, the entire shop looks like a blizzard hit it from your sifter-testing exploits.

Are you getting the picture? 

Day thirty-two, you finally have a prototype you like. Day forty-two, you land on the final base formulation.

Day sixty-two, you finalize your scent blends.

Day ninety, you shoot your product photos.

The research, the prototyping, the meticulous scent-blending: we do it this way because we care. 

We care about eco-friendliness, and we care about animal testing. (And NONE of our ingredients - or products - are ever tested on animals.)

We care about making a quality product that's second to none. 

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our process. It was fun sharing! Keep following along on Insta for more teasers, and stay tuned next week when we announce WHAT exactly we're making and open pre-orders on the website.

Cheers! 🦡💗✨

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