It might start in the beauty aisle of the drug store. It might start in someplace a little more fancy-ass. But the day is coming: the day you open some nasty cancer-in-a-jar store-bought lotion and think, WHAT the FUCK is in this shit? Why are there parabens and petroleum byproducts in here, and more importantly, why’s it gotta go and be all phony like that? Why?

Badgerface Beauty Supply is all-natural & shit. It’s all good stuff. We’ve got us a fucking arsenal stacked with coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. We got us some French motherfucking beeswax. We like shit made without preservatives, without nasty oily crap, without fake fucking scents.

We like to run a tub of hot water, dump in some oatmeal milk bath, soak that shit up and feel like an absolute queen. An all natural beautiful fucking queen.

All the good stuff. No fake shit. You down with that?


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Kristina Patrick Katie
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Bourbon, twinkle lights, murder ballads. Key phrase: Percolating. Man of few words, and fewer complaints. Loves all things rainbow, baking sweet things and playing video games.


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Body positive

We’re into you. Your style, your anti-style. Your un-fucked-with hair, your pink bouffant. Whatever you’re rocking, we like it. Lots of beauty companies are in the insecurities-mining business, but we’re SO not about all that. You do you. It’s working.


Listen, skin care doesn’t need to cost a car payment, ok? It just doesn’t. There are no ingredients so magical and precious that they warrant two zeroes. Self care isn’t a privilege. It’s meant to be shared with your bestie, spontaneous-like, just because you thought of her. We help make that happen.

All good shit

None of that bad fake shit. Who needs it? Preservatives, fake colors, stabilizers, artificial fragrances. Everything we use is a raw material: coconut oil, beeswax, milk powder, citric acid, argan oil. The fucking building blocks of healthy skin. Why would anyone want anything other?