About Badgerface Beauty Supply

Do you ever see the latest trending beauty product and wonder if it's worth the hype?

Or you're shopping for your badass best friend, and you can’t find a gift that fits her dark sense of humor?

Or maybe the goods in question only want to address your flaws, and it's bumming you out? Because aren't you already awesome the way you are?

Hell yeah you are. Even if you occasionally forget deodorant or meet with a monster zit. We don't judge. We've all been there.

If you're feeling meh about the whole beauty industrial complex, and you're - well - a little weird, you're in the right place.

Welcome! We've got the goods to make you glow, from nourishing natural skincare products to super fun bath gift sets.

Whether you're delighting your awesome SIL or yourself with a midafternoon lip balm reapply, our all-natural beauty products will instantly boost your mood.

Each time you break out our cruelty-free, eco-friendly beauty products, you’ll do more than just chuckle. You’ll feel the magic of your own unique personality. Because what’s better than getting to express your individuality?

We believe in helping you live your life in bright neon fucking colors, because being true to yourself is literally the best feeling there is.

That’s what we can do for you.

We work hard to make super effective bath & beauty products without fake ingredients. Who needs fake? Badgerface Beauty Supply is all about authenticity, inside and out.

Our unique bath gifts have a special ability to provoke laughter. That’s why we guarantee it. Our products will crack you up, or your order is free!

So embrace your individuality, and come play with us in the Badgerverse. We think your inner weird is super fun. In fact, we’d like to buy her a drink.

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    Kristina, Founder

    Bourbon, twinkle lights and murder ballads. Key phrase: percolating.

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    Patrick, Fulfillment

    Man of few words, and fewer complaints. Will fight you for control of the shop stereo.

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    Katie, Production

    Loves all things rainbow, baking sweet things and playing video games.

Badgerface Beauty Supply's bestselling products include natural insect repellent, beeswax lip balm, and cute bath bombs.


Try us on for size with one of our most popular products.... 


Body positive

We’re into you. Your style, your anti-style. Your un-fucked-with hair, your pink bouffant. Whatever you’re rocking, we like it. Lots of beauty companies are in the insecurities-mining business, but we’re SO not about all that. You do you. It’s working.


Listen, skin care doesn’t need to cost a car payment, ok? It just doesn’t. There are no ingredients so magical and precious that they warrant two zeroes. Self care isn’t a privilege. It’s meant to be shared with your bestie, spontaneous-like, just because you thought of her. We help make that happen.

All good shit

None of that bad fake shit. Who needs it? Preservatives, fake colors, stabilizers, artificial fragrances. Everything we use is a raw material: coconut oil, beeswax, milk powder, citric acid, argan oil. The fucking building blocks of healthy skin. Why would anyone want anything other?