• How it Started

    It was 2016, and the Brock Turner verdict was in. We were PISSED. (Little did we know what was coming. LOL.) We said, hey, let's give 15% one week each month to defend women's rights.

  • How It's Going

    It's eight years later, and we've given over $6k to orgs like RAINN, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL Pro Choice America. We've gotten a ton of hate mail. We've supported a ton of good.

UN Women


When Putin invaded Ukraine, we thought, that shit won't stand. Though most of our philanthropy is focused on domestic causes, we aren't afraid to go global when the moment requires it. Fuck Putin.

emily's list


If Trump has taught us anything, it's that more women need to be in politics. To that end, we gave 15% of profits to Emily's List for the week of August 23rd to 29th, 2020.

paz mujer


Hurricane Maria really made us consider: what if you're already in a dangerous housing situation, and a hurricane hits? We were honored to support good work being done by this PR aid organization.