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Badgerface Beauty Supply Gift Card.

Badgerface Beauty Supply Gift Card.

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Size: Available in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100. (If you ask real nicely, I'll create a special denomination just for YOU. But you gotta be real nicely.)

Delivery: You'll receive a unique discount code via email immediately after purchase, which can be saved, printed, or simply forwarded to your intended recipient.

Expiry: Badgerface gift cards never expire.


Here it is, your last-minute gift salvation!

Listen, bitches. We know it's hard. Ya gotta get you best bitch something REAL good, real funny, real memorable, and ya gotta do it BY HER BIRTHDAY. It's so arbitrary & shit.

We got you covered.

This digital gift card always works. It always fits. It's always in style. AND it gives your bestie what everyone wants: the therapeutic amazingness of spending money on herself.

Except it ain't her money. It's your money. What could be better?

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