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True confessions of someone who never thought they'd like natural deodorant.

I was like you once.

Natural deodorant just wasn't for me. I tried it, and it was slimy. I had friends who tried the leading brands and began to stink slightly. Like college veganism, natural deo seemed to be a phase for most. 

This was 2005. I retreated back to my Secret Powder Fresh in the shitty plastic tube, and there I stayed for another 19 years.

But a funny thing happened when Badgerface went plastic-free last year. Some things that used to seem too utilitarian for a beauty company became a better fit. We'd had requests for natural deo over the years, and so we put on our chemistry hat and rolled up our sleeves. 

When the first prototype was ready for testing, I eyed it a little nervously. This was our next new product, and I was its toughest sell. 

But lo and behold, I like it. As in, it definitely doesn't feel like corporate aluminum-filled chemical crap that blocks your ability to perspire - but I don't have swamp pits, either. I'm comfortable. I smell nice.

I didn't think a natural deodorant could do these things. I'm sold.

By now you might be wondering, what's in this formula that makes it so special? Well. I'm glad you asked.

First, if you're gonna have deodorant that isn't antiperspirant, you gotta have something to absorb moisture, because there will be some. So we went with kaolin clay and arrowroot starch for that purpose.

Next is your key active ingredient, and where most deodorants use baking soda, we went with magnesium hydroxide. It discourages bad bacteria from setting up shop and making stink - without messing with your natural chemistry. It's not water-soluble like baking soda, which means it has better staying power, which is kind of important. 

For the perfect not-too-hard, not-too-soft texture, we went with cera bellina, which is a beeswax derivative that contributes a bit of natural glide. The firm texture means you don't run the risk of over-application, which is not only messy, it wastes product, too. We like to hold the stick to our skin for a second to soften slightly before application.

Last but not least, we included zinc ricinoleate for its insane odor-trapping abilities. That's the one we'd never heard of before, but apparently it's a zinc salt made from castor oil. We're pretty sure the zinc is the star player - the thing that makes our natural deo uniquely effective.

Try some and see for yourself. Preorders are open now.

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