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Natural Shampoo Bar for Processed Hair.

Natural Shampoo Bar for Processed Hair.

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Size: Approximately 3 inches across and 2.5 oz.

Smells like: Luscious roses with spicy geranium and juicy summer berries.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate (from coconuts), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (from palm), capryl glucoside (from corn), cornstarch, cocamidopropyl betaine (from coconuts), kaolin clay, castor oil, bamboo extract, hydrolyzed rice protein, mica, rose hip powder, geranium essential oil, rose extract, rose hip powder, raspberry extract, sandalwood essential oil, panthenol.

Say Goodbye to Hair Hell and Hello to Fabulous Hair Days

Is your hair fucked? I mean, really. Truly. Thoroughly. Crispy-ass ends, flat, dull situation up top. Yeah. Through in a little shedding for good measure, and you've got basic fucking hair hell.

Tailored to Address Your Hair's Unique Fuckery.

We got baobab for your curly hair, bamboo and tea tree for your flaky hair, caffeine and biotin for your thinning, shedding situation. Whichever way your hair is fucked today, we have a shampoo bar for that.

Do it today. Unfuck your hair.

How to use:

Wet hair. Rub bar on top and sides of head. A few swipes should be sufficient. Pick up hair and rub bar underneath a few times. Put down the bar, and use your hands to scrunch up the suds all over. Rinse, then condition as you normally would. Keep bar dry in between uses to prolong its life. One bar should last two months at least with regular use!

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