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Natural Rose Ginger Milk Bath.

Natural Rose Ginger Milk Bath.

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 Size: 6 inches tall and 3.5 ounces by weight.

Smells like: Luscious roses and sweet vanilla with a touch of zingy ginger.

Ingredients: Milk powder, cornstarch, colloidal oatmeal, sodium bicarbonate, rose absolute, vanilla extract, ginger essential oil.

Unleash Your Inner Badass with our Milk Bath Bliss

Holla bitches and all fellow survivor of the corporate circus: We know life can be a complete shitstorm, leaving you feeling like you're on the verge of losing your fucking mind. But fear not, we've got the secret weapon to unleash your inner badass: our epic milk bath bliss. Prepare to soak away the stress and emerge as the fearless warrior you truly are.

Why our Milk Bath is the Bomb:

Fierce and Fearless: We're all about embracing your badassery, which is why our Kinky as Fuck milk bath is made from the fiercest natural ingredients. No fake shit here, just a potion of pure awesome that'll have you feeling like you're ready to conquer the world.

Pure Pleasure, Zero Guilt: When you step into our milk bath, you can do it with a clear conscience. Our products are never tested on animals, because that's just plain wrong. So go ahead and soak up the pleasure guilt-free, knowing you're making a compassionate choice.

Divine Delight: Get ready to be enveloped in a cloud of heavenly scents. Our milk bath features a captivating blend of rose, vanilla, and ginger that'll have you smelling like a delicate fucking flower. It's the kind of aroma that makes people stop and go, "Damn, you smell good!"

It's time to reclaim your sanity, dearest bitch. Dip into our milk bath bliss, emerge with renewed badassery, and face the world like the unstoppable force you are.

Scrub a dub dub, motherfucker!



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