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Natural Apple Cider Lip Balm.

Natural Apple Cider Lip Balm.

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Size: .2 ounces / 5 grams.

Smells like: Tangy apple cider with a hint of fabulous spiced rum.

Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, mica, apple extract, cranberry extract, rum extract, cinnamon essential oil, and vitamin E.

Indulge Your Lips with Spiked Cider Fucking Deliciousness.

If you're the sort of bitch who'd trade piña coladas for cozy spiked cider sessions, hold onto your mugs, folks. Say goodbye to those bogus crapsticks and make way for lip perfection that pairs perfectly with your favorite fall drink.

Why Our Spiked Cider Lip Balm Rocks:

100% Nature's Finest: No artificial monkey business. Just pure-ass natural goodness for your precious pout.

Cocoa Butter Love: Unveil luscious lips with the magic of nourishing shea butter.

Cruelty-Free Vibes: We're all about lip love, not animal trials. Our products are cruelty-free champs.

Eco-Chic Packaging: With our fully compostable paperboard tube, you're loving your lips and the planet.

Preservative-Free Glee: Who needs the junk? Not your lips. Our balm is free from preservative nonsense.

Step up your lip game with a lip balm that's as bold as your cider nights. Let your lips indulge in the spiked cider goodness they deserve.

Pucker up, bitches!

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