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Natural Orange Vanilla Milk Bath.

Natural Orange Vanilla Milk Bath.

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 Size: 6 inches tall and 3.5 ounces by weight.

Smells like: Sweet vanilla punched up with juicy orange and cardamom.

Ingredients: Milk powder, cornstarch, colloidal oatmeal, sodium bicarbonate, vanilla extract, sweet orange essential oil, cardamom essential oil.

Say "Peace Out" to Stress with our Soothing Milk Bath

Escape the mind-numbing torture of meetings, deadlines, and relentless stress. We've got your back, my bitch. Introducing our Giving no Fucks milk bath, your ultimate weapon against the everyday bullshit that has you feeling like you're trapped in a twisted reality show.


Pure-Ass Natural Goodness: We don't mess around with artificial crap. Our milk bath is 100% pure-ass natural, so you can soak your worries away without worrying about harmful chemicals or suspicious ingredients. It's the real deal, baby.

Cruelty-Free Zone: We love animals more than some people love their own families. That's why none of our products are ever tested on animals. So you can pamper yourself guilt-free, knowing that no cute little critters were harmed in the making of your sanity-saving milk bath.

Kick-Ass Ingredients: This ain't your average bath product, my bitches. Packed with nourishing milk powder and ground oatmeal, our concoction soothes your skin, kicks inflammation's sorry ass, and leaves you feeling like a million bucks. Because you deserve it.

Creamsicle Dream: Picture this: You emerge from the tub smelling like a goddamn creamsicle. Our milk bath boasts a tantalizing blend of orange and vanilla scents that will make you want to hug yourself just for smelling so damn delicious.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to bliss. It's time to give zero fucks and indulge in the most relaxing bath of your life.

Scrub a dub dub, motherfucker!

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