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Natural Coconut Body Butter.

Natural Coconut Body Butter.

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Size: Approximately 2 1/2 inches tall by 2 inches wide, and 4 ounces by volume.

Smells like: Coconuts all the way down.

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, coconut extract.

The Nightstand Reality Check - Kick the Plastic Bottle to the Curb.

Take a critical fucking look at that plastic cancer-in-a-bottle lotion sitting on your nightstand. Sure, it smells good, but so does a fucking Dorito factory. However, if you slathered that shit on your skin, you'd turn orange and die. The big-ass mega corporate lotion MAN sneaks all kinds of bad shit into supposedly nourishing-ass lotion. It's time to say no to that bad fake shit.

Check This Tropical-Smelling Fucking Amazingness.

Picture this: shea nuts, coconuts, sunflowers, and a dash of natural coconut extract, all melted down and whipped to perfection at Badgerface HQ. It's like a tropical party for your skin. Rub this heavenly concoction on your scaly spots and tell that chemical-filled junk where to get off. Oh, and by the way, hot weather might affect the texture, so keep it cool, baby.

It looks like marshmallow fluff, but don't fucking eat it, ok? Fucking try and contain yourself.

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