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Natural Chai Flavored Lip Balm.

Natural Chai Flavored Lip Balm.

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Size: .2 ounces / 5 grams.

Smells like: Perfectly blended, creamy chai spice.

Ingredients: Beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, mica, ground cinnamon, cinnamon essential oil, ginger essential oil, and vitamin E.

Chai-Scented Love, Lip-Approved.

Prepare for a lip experience that's more enchanting than your favorite chai latte. Our chai lip balm doesn't just flirt with your senses – it's a full-blown aromatic affair. Crafted with legit fucking shea butter, unadulterated coconut and sunflower oils, and some fine French motherfucking beeswax to boot.

Why Our Chai Lip Balm is the Bomb:

100% Natural Awesomeness: No fake tomfoolery. Only genuine, pure-ass ingredients for your smackers.

Shea Butter Luxe: Dive into the lap of shea butter luxury for lip-loving indulgence.

Cruelty-Free Cheers: We're on team compassion. None of our products are tested on critters.

Eco-Chic Vibe: Our paperboard tubes are fully compostable, saving your lips and the planet.

Preservative-Free Perfection: Who needs synthetic junk? Certainly not your lips. Preservatives be gone.

Say goodbye to lip mediocrity, and say hello to lips that flaunt chai-scented bravado. Whether you're out on the town or chillaxing with your crew, let your lips savor the experience.

Pucker up, bitches!

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