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Raspberry Rose Body Butter.

Raspberry Rose Body Butter.

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Size: Approximately 2 1/2 inches tall by 2 inches wide, and 4 ounces by volume.

Smells like: Juicy summer berries with a touch of rose.

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, rose hip powder, red raspberry extract, blackberry extract, and rose absolute.

A Critical Fucking Look at Your Nightstand Lotion.

Take a moment to examine that plastic cancer-in-a-bottle lotion sitting innocently on your nightstand. Smells good, you say? Well, so does a fucking Dorito factory. But if you dare rub that shit on your skin, you might turn orange and meet your untimely demise. That big-ass mega corporate lotion MAN loves stuffing nasty shit into supposedly nourishing-ass lotion. It's bad shit. Bad fake shit.

We say no to that shit here at Badgerface.

Whip Your Skin into Shape with Natural Fucking Amazingness.

Imagine a concoction of shea nuts, coconuts, sunflowers, and pure-ass berry extracts. Here at Badgerface HQ, we've melted it all down and whipped it to lofty perfection. This natural fucking amazingness will soothe your scaly spots and give those chemical-filled impostors a run for their money.

It looks like marshmallow fluff, but don't fucking eat it, ok? Fucking try and contain yourself.

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