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Natural Rose Lotion Bar.

Natural Rose Lotion Bar.

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Size: Approximately 2 5/8" inches across and 1.5 oz

Smells like: Frowsy roses grounded with some spicy, sultry sandalwood.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, mica, rose absolute, sandalwood essential oil.

Natural Rose Nourishment

This natural lotion bar doesn't just smell like roses. Nah, it's a whole new level of rosy goodness. With hints of rose, sandalwood, and orchid, this isn't your grandma's rose scent. It's hip, it's modern. It's the rose that broke free from granny's and went to Coachella.

100% Pure-Ass Goodness: Our skincare is 100% pure-ass natural because we believe in keeping it real. No fake shit here.

• Nourishing Fucking Shea Butter: We don't mess around when it comes to shea butter. It's the superstar ingredient that'll make your skin feel like a million bucks.

Cruelty-Free Confidence: We take a stand against animal testing. None of our products are ever tested on animals.

Packaging Perfection: Want to take it up a notch? For a little extra, you can get this bar in a sleek metal tin. Check out our packaging options.

Preservative-Free Pleasure: No unwanted chemicals here. Our bar is preservative-free, so you can enjoy pure-ass goodness without the fake shit.

So unwrap this shit and slather yourself the fuck up. You're welcome.

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