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Natural Aloe-Based Hand Sanitizer.

Natural Aloe-Based Hand Sanitizer.

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Size: 4 inches tall and 80 mL by volume.

Packaged in: Sleek aluminum bullet bottle with pump top.

Smells like: Bright lemon verbena and lemongrass.

Ingredients: 99% isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, xanthan gum, aloe powder, mica, lemon verbena essential oil, lemongrass essential oil.

Sanitize Like You Mean It.

In this age of bunker snacks and avoiding humanity, we get it – you'd rather be in a castle made of Cheez-Its. But reality beckons, and you gotta face the world. Fucking people. Thankfully, we've got your back for those necessary ventures into public. You know. For food and such.

Our hand sanitizer will be your trusty sidekick against the invisible nasties. Even when every drugstore is barren, we're here to save the day.

Sticky Situations, Solved.

Sure, hand sanitizer can be a bit sticky at first (thanks, aloe), but hang tight – it dries in under a minute, leaving your hands not only germ-free but surprisingly moisturized. We've got the magic formula.

Our 100% pure-ass natural sanitizer packs a punch with 65% alcohol, without any animal testing, preservatives, or fake stuff. Plus, the secret sauce? Aloe vera juice, turning your sanitizer into a nourishing, humectant superhero.

Defy the Virus, Embrace Clean.

Take that, Corona! We're here to help you give germs a one-way ticket to oblivion. Grab you a handy aluminum bottle with a convenient pump top and arm yourself with the ultimate weapon against these nasty invaders.

Don't let the chaos get you down; fight back with our sanitizer. Stay safe, stay clean, and tell germs to "Fuck off, Corona." 

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