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Anti Aging Face Lotion with Turmeric.

Anti Aging Face Lotion with Turmeric.

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 Size: 5 inches tall and 2.7 ounces by volume.

Smells like: Bright lemons, fresh carrot, and a hint of peach.

Ingredients: Distilled water, glycerin, turmeric extract, Raphanus sativa ferment filtrate, hyaluronic acid, emulsifying wax, cetyl alcohol, apricot kernel oil, xanthan gum, vitamin B3, vitamin E, lemon essential oil, carrot extract, and peach extract.

Aging: A Battle We're Winning, One Dollop at a Time.

Who says we have to accept aging with grace? Let's take charge, kick ass, and show the world that age is just a number. Are you with us on this epic journey?

Age-Based Trauma: Let's Bond Over It.

We feel you. Turning forty is no joke, especially when it comes with a side of frozen margaritas. Age-related panic comes in many forms—teenagers, blood pressure meds, and laser vein removal ads—but fear not, we've got your back.

Introducing GLOWFACE: The Ultimate Age-Defying Arsenal.

Behold, GLOWFACE, our secret weapon against the ravages of time. This powerhouse skincare line is loaded with the sunny yellow queen of woo-woo skincare ingredients—turmeric. Brace yourself for a skincare revolution.

The Radiance-Boosting Face Lotion:

Say hello to our Glowface Face Lotion. This game-changer combines the potency of turmeric with the hydration prowess of super-hydrating hyaluronic acid. It's infused with invigorating lemon, carrot, and peach scents that will make your skincare routine a fruity delight.

Why Glowface Reigns Supreme:

• 100% Pure-Ass Natural: We don't mess with artificial crap. Our products are pure-ass natural, because your skin deserves the best.

• Cruelty-Free Beauty: We never test on animals. Our furry friends deserve love, not lab experiments.

• Easy-Pump Packaging: Conveniently packaged in a 2.7 oz / 80 mL aluminum bottle with a pump top, our lotion ensures easy and mess-free application.

Embrace the traumatic but empowering journey of aging with GLOWFACE. Let's show those wrinkles who's boss!

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