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Natural Gift Set for Your Best Friend.

Natural Gift Set for Your Best Friend.

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The large gift set comes with all five items as shown in the listing photos, including a body butter in the scent of your choice.

The medium gift set includes the Zesty as Fuck Sugar scrub, Carpe that Fuking Diem bath bomb, and Body butter of your choice.

The small gift set includes either the Zesty as Fuck Sugar scrub and the Body butter, OR the Carpe that Fucking Diem bath bomb and the Body butter.

The hot pink gable box with ribbon and loofah pad, and FREE SHIPPING, are always part of the Badgerface gift set experience.

Celebrating Best Bitchery.

Listen up, bitches. It's time for some epic truth-telling. Someone had to step up and make it official: our best bitchery is something to behold. We are a force to be reckoned with, and it's about damn time we acknowledge it. Brace yourself as you fully contemplate the epicness of our bitchtitude.

The Fuckery Dream Team: We Do It Real Awesome.

Let's take a moment to reflect on how utterly UN AWESOME life would be without our friendship. Seriously, imagine a world without our yammering sessions, without each other to wholeheartedly embrace our fuckery. It would be a bleak, fuckery-less existence, and nobody wants that. So, here's to us, the ultimate fuckery dream team.

Memorable Moments of Bitchery.

Raise your glass, you fabulous bitch, because we're about to make some serious magic happen. It's time for drinks, fuckery, and sharing those extraordinary moments that define our friendship. Prepare for unforgettable adventures, laughter that echoes through the cosmos, and a bond that's unbreakable. It's a special kind of fucking shit, and it's going to leave an indelible mark on our souls.

Pamper your ass. You know you fucking deserve it.


Body Butter Scent Options:

Vanilla Afterglow - Vanilla Ginger scent
Zen as Fuck - Green Tea & Lemongrass scent
Coco Loco - Coconut scent
Mango Mofo - Mango Pineapple scent
Bitchberry - Raspberry Rose scent
Lascivious Lavender - Lavender, honey, and vanilla scent
Go Fig Yourself - Fig, Honey & Black Pepper (available October - January only)
Merri-mint - Vanilla Peppermint (available November - January only)


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