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Natural Face Serum for Dry Skin.

Natural Face Serum for Dry Skin.

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 Size: 3 inches tall and 1 ounce by volume.

Smells like: Mild chamomile and calendula infused oils.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, argan oil, calendula extract, chamomile extract, vitamin E

Breaking Free from the Shitstorm.

Feeling like the universe has a wicked hard-on for making your life a living fucking hell? Trust us, we feel your pain. But let's talk about something equally shitty: your skin feeling as blocked and stifled as your existence. We're talking about that congested, tight, and straight-up awful feeling that leads to crusty patches and diva-level cracking. It's time to give your skin the VIP treatment it deserves.

Kick Crustiness to the Curb.

Get ready to unleash the ultimate ninja on your skin troubles. This impressive little vial of botanical good juju is your secret weapon. Packed with the magic of argan oil, it joins forces with its super-moisturizing partners-in-crime: calendula and chamomile. Not only does it smell pretty fucking good, but it also puts all that wacky shit in its place and restores your skin's natural harmony.

Nourish and Rejuvenate Like a Boss.

Ok, bitches. Can we be real for a minute? This potion is 100% pure-ass natural and loaded with the nourishing power of calendula, chamomile, and argan oils. Encased in a sleek glass bottle with a convenient dropper, it's here to slay your skin woes. Rest assured, our products are never tested on animals, preservative-free, and free from any fake shit.

Don't let wacky skin shit ruin your day. Shut it right the fuck down with this magical elixir. Unleash your true glow and reclaim your confidence.

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