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Natural Deodorant ~ Fresh Scent

Natural Deodorant ~ Fresh Scent

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Size: Approximately 5 inches tall and 2 ounces by volume.

Packaged in: Travel-friendly and fully compostable cardboard tubes. Simply press gently on the bottom to dispense product.

Smells like: Super fresh eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint tempered with a little sage.

Ingredients: Magnesium hydroxide, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, cera bellina, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, shea butter, zinc ricinoleate, vitamin E, clary sage essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

You Might Think You've Tried Natural Deodorants...

...but you haven't tried the best natural deodorant. That's right, I went there. This shit is not only free from notoriously toxic aluminum, it's way better for your skin. See, the usual active ingredient in natural deodorant - baking soda - is actually pretty rough on your dermis. Wanna learn how? Ok, but you gotta put on your chemistry hat.

Put On Your Chemistry Hat... and Prepare to Shift Your Stick.

You fuckers all took high school chem, right? Right. You aren't idiots. pH is acidity. A pH of seven is neutral. A pH of 6, like a healthy human armpit, is slightly acidic. Baking soda's pH is nine, making it wayyy basic. (Just channel Anna Delvey for a second there.)
The basic-ness of the baking soda is how it's effective: by turning your pits into a barren alkaline wasteland where your usual pit-funk bacteria can't live. BUT, and here's the but: baking soda is super sweat-soluble, so it gets sucked right down into your pores and can seriously screw with your personal biota.

Stay Fresh Without Fucking Shit Up

Stank Pits Natural Deodorant employs magnesium hydroxide: it's a base like baking soda, but it won't throw off your personal ecosystem - or go running at the first sign of sweat. It'll stay right where you fucking left it.

We rounded shit out with some nourishing butters and waxes for a firm but slippy texture, some super absorbent clay and arrowroot starch, odor-trapping zinc ricinoleate, and - of course - a clean, vibrant blend of natural essential oils to give you a little lift.

So what are you waiting for? Uncap this bish and introduce your pits to the calm, collected magic of natural deodorant that won't disrupt your shit.

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