Our Green Impact

Recycling logo with pink background


As a small business, we've always been some level of green. Since our inception in 2014, we've always:

  • Recycled paper, cardboard, and containers
  • Recycled our print toner cartridges
  • Composted food scraps
  • Reused scrap paper
  • Minimized waste whenever possible

That's just good common sense. And as we've moved forward, we've increased our business's green practices.


In 2019, we were approached by a community member and invited to take part in the Plastic Film Recycling Challenge for our county. We've diverted every scrap of plastic waste since - over 110 pounds to date! - out of the waste stream and into a recycling program.

Incidentally, our local school - GMU - kicks butt at the recycling challenge every year, thanks in part to us.


As our wholesale business as grown, we find ourselves shipping more and more large parcels - and we've enlisted the help of our community in reusing packaging materials. We have a steady rotation of friends and neighbors who drop off their reusable packaging materials to us - Styrofoam peanuts, plastic air pockets, bubble wrap, and crumpled paper fill.


In response to our customers' requests, in 2022 we made the decision to pivot to plastic-free packaging and shipping. Now everything we sell is in compostable cardboard or rice paper packaging, or reusable glass.

It's been a great green journey!

We look forward to finding more ways to reduce our impact, such as purchasing carbon offsets for our shipping, installing solar panels, and starting a refills program for our retail customers.