5 Ways Badgerface Beauty Supply's Natural Deodorant Gives You Comfortable, Lasting Protection.

If you're looking for natural, aluminum-free deodorant that genuinely works, smells great, AND is good for the planet - you're in the right place.


embrace your active lifestyle

Stay Dry. Naturally.

Our natural deodorant stands up to serious sweat.

How? We use naturally effective ingredients to absorb moisture, block odor, and keep things sweet-smelling.

We keep things baking soda free with natural magnesium. It keeps stank in check without disturbing your skin's chemistry.

And it stays put, too. Baking soda dissolves with water - or sweat - meaning it gets sucked down into your dermis, where it can seriously throw things off.

Irritation, redness, discomfort - who needs it?

our ingredients make the difference

Science that Makes Sense.

You've probably tried natural deodorant.

It probably wasn't your favorite experience. Sticky, slimy, greasy, stinky? Yeah. We've been there, too.

But our natural deodorant is different. With ours, you stay dry longer with a blend of odor-eating, odor-trapping, and odor-preventing ingredients.

You enjoy the smooth application of a skin-safe formula that won't cause irritation.

And you smell sweet for longer, thanks to magnesium hydroxide. It's natural deodorant that lasts all day.

Gentle natural deodorant that won't irritate your skin - that's self care done right.

make your impact positive

Good for you, good for the planet.

Did you know the deodorant industry generates 15 million pounds of plastic waste annually?

Doesn't that just completely blow your freaking mind? (I think I barfed a little, to be honest.)

Pivot to a plastic-free, planet-friendly product with our home-compostable paper tube packaging.

Because while it's better for your health to embrace aluminum-free deodorant made with 100% natural ingredients, ditching the plastic tube makes it a win for the planet, too.

Go all-natural and plastic-free today.

soothe away sensitive skin woes

Goodbye, Itchy Red Bumps.

Natural deodorant with a perfect texture is hard to come by.

They're either too goopy or hard as a rock, leading to roughed-up skin and irritation.

Our secret is cera bellina, a beeswax-derived wax that's firm without being super sticky, so the product glides on smoothly.

And it'll be even smoother if you hold the deodorant to your armpit for a minute before application, to warm up.

Our nourishing blend of butters and oils rounds things out to keep everything soft and supple.

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Shift Your Stick.

Natural deodorant that's also plastic-free is win-win-win-win-win.

  • Baking soda-free to work with your natural chemistry
  • Three active ingredients means three lines of defense against odor
  • Firm but smooth consistency for comfortable application
  • Packaged plastic-free so you can skip the garbage
  • Free gift with every preorder
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