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Natural Lemon Basil Lotion Bar.

Natural Lemon Basil Lotion Bar.

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Size: Approximately 2 5/8" inches across and 1.5 oz

Smells like: Lemon-forward with grassy notes of fresh basil and rosemary.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, mica, turmeric, lemon essential oil, basil essential oil, rosemary essential oil.

Embrace Smooth, Moisturized Skin

Pure-Ass Natural Skincare: Our lemon basil lotion bar is a godsend, packed with all-natural coconut oil and nourishing shea butter. This ain't no ordinary voodoo magic; shea butter works wonders. Wrinkles, scars, rashes, burns, insect bites? Shea butter shuts that shit down.

• Refreshing Like a Damn Oasis: Scented with lemon, basil, and rosemary essential oils, this natural lotion bar is so refreshing, it even pissed off the Irish Spring dude. It's a sensory delight that leaves you feeling invigorated and ready to conquer the world.

• Unwrap, Slather, and Slay: Bid farewell to nasty, crusty lotion bottles. Our lemon basil lotion bar melts effortlessly from your body heat and glides on like a dream. No streaks, no mess, no goopy bullshit. Just silky, smooth goodness that'll leave your skin craving for more.

So unwrap this shit and slather yourself all up. You're welcome.

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