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Badgerface Beauty Supply

Happy Holidays, Fuckface Gift Set. ⛄

Happy Holidays, Fuckface Gift Set. ⛄

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Sugar scrub scent

The large gift set comes with all four items as shown in the listing photos: Superfly Chai Bath Salt, Spicy Fucking Lotion bar, Chai Motherpucker lip balm, and Body Scrub in the scent of your choice. 

The small gift set includes the Spicy Fucking Lotion bar, the Lip Balm, and the Body Scrub.

The shiny gold gable box with ribbon and loofah pad, and FREE SHIPPING, are always part of the Badgerface gift set experience.


Gift Fails Begone: Unwrap the Good Shit.

Ever received a gift that made you question the very fabric of gift-giving? Us too. Say farewell to white elephant junk and useless grandma mementos. It's time for a Christmas miracle—a luxurious-as-fuck box of all-natural skincare magic that'll make your family cheer, not cringe.

Scented Bliss: Green Tea, Lavender Geranium, Vanilla Cardamom.

Prepare for sensory delight! Our skincare goodies are like a spa day in a box. From soothing green tea to the enchanting mix of lavender geranium and the warm hug of vanilla cardamom, we've got scents that could melt even the hardest of bitches. It's the gift of relaxation, packaged and ready to roll.

No Fakes Allowed: Just Pure-Ass Natural Goodness.

We're not about that fake life. No petroleum by-products, no parabens, and definitely no fake effing scents. It's 100% natural essential oils, baby. And guess what? Nothing, absolutely nothing, is tested on animals. Give the gift of real goodness—your family deserves it.

Sugar Scrub Scent Options:

Vanilla Afterglow - Vanilla Ginger scent
Zen as Fuck - Green Tea & Lemongrass scent
Merri-mint - Vanilla Peppermint (available November - January only)
Spicy Fucking - Cinnamon Ginger (available October - January)
Sweet Bitch - Lavender Geranium
Boss Bitch - Blueberry Lavender
Java as Fuck - Coffee Vanilla
Zesty as Fuck - Pink Grapefruit


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