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Badgerface Beauty Supply

STUD Gift Set.

STUD Gift Set.

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Beard balm scent (large only)

The large gift set comes with all four items as shown in the listing photos, including a beard balm in the scent of your choice.

The small gift set includes either the Man Face Scrub and a Man Grease Lotion bar, OR the Man Face Scrub and a Beard Oil.

The black gable box with ribbon and loofah pad, and FREE SHIPPING, are always part of the Badgerface gift set experience.


Rescue Your Man's Mug

Alright, bitches, let's talk about that man face. You know the one—nasty, crusty, and a breeding ground for plugged pores, scabby sunburn, and a sprinkling of beardruff. It's time to take matters into your own hands and transform his face from "ew" to "ooh."

The Ultimate Man Face Care Kit

Bitches. We have found the secret weapon to tackle your man's face troubles. No more subtle hints, strategic mentions, or pointless washcloth displays. We know men can be a bit... dense. So let's cut to the chase and gift him this box of pure excellence. These natural skin and beard care products are about to rock his world like never before.

The Nasty-to-Classy Arsenal

Inside this tidy black gift box tied with ribbon, you'll find the ultimate arsenal for his transformation. We're talking face scrub, beard balm, beard oil, AND lotion bar (in the large). And rest assured, these products are 100% pure-ass natural, preservative-free, and absolutely no fake shit. Plus, we never test on animals.

It's time to show that nasty man face who's boss. Scrub away the gunk, hydrate like a boss, and let the beard balm work its magic. Trust us, you'll be amazed at the transformation. No more "ew," just pure freshness.

Beard balm scent options:

Cedar Rosemary
Orange Clove

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